About Weight Of The Nation

Why Weight Of The Nation?

According to recent statistics from the CDC and Gallup, Inc. at least 20 per cent adults are overweight in the 50 states in the United States. Obesity continues to be an epidemic in USA. While efforts to control overweight among children are paying, obese adults continue to increase in most states. According to the data, the obesity rate in America has increased from 25.5% to 27.7 % since 2008. Even more alarming, in 2012 only five states reached an obesity rate above 30%, now there are 13 states that have been placed above that percentage. The statistics show that Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia are leading the group of most obese states in the country with over 35% of obese people. Most worrying is that states with a high rate of obesity are the same that maintain a high rate of chronic diseases because the rise in obesity is directly related to the increase in serious health consequences.

The rapid and marked increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity experienced in the last two or three decades can not be attributed to genetic causes. Although hereditary factors are important, the human genome has not changed in such a short space of time. Hence the environmental factors play a major role in the development of this global obesity epidemic, creating the so-called “obesogenic environment” characterized by the abundance of food and sedentary lifestyle.

There is a crucial necessity to implement policies and measures designed to fight this epidemic, to bend the obesity curve. There is a critical need of educating children, parents, teachers and leaders about the importance of eating healthy food and reducing intake of sugars and fats. It is also necessary to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary lifestyle. That is why WeightOfTheNation.org has been launched.

Our Mission

Whether you are overweight, obese and have make the right decision to lose weight, or you are at normal weight and want to take preventive measures, or you are a parent concerned about your child weight and health, our mission is to provide you with research-backed information, tips and guidelines for healthy weight loss and weight management, unbiased and unsponsored facts you can rely on about healthy nutrition, fitness and wellness in general.

Who is behind WeightOfTheNation.org

Behind WeightOfTheNation.org, there are passionate people, men and women conscious of the dramatic effects of this epidemic on the society and devoted to fight it. They are Licensed Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, exercise specialists and more. There are also contributors, men and women like you that faced weight issues and have managed to overcome it. You can too! And our whole team is proud to support you!